Albertine Sarges ist eine vielseitige Berliner Popmusikerin.
— Der Tagesspiegel
Manche kennen sie von Itaca, Kat Frankie oder Holly Herndon, wo sie am Klavier oder als Diva und Sängerin unterwegs ist. Unter dem eigenen Namen performt sie mit T-Shirt ihre eigenen Kompositionen zwischen Musik und Spoken Word an der Gitarre. Wenn sie ab und zu mit Band spielt, geht’s fast in Richtung David Byrne.
— Ask Helmut

Albertine Sarges & The Sticky Fingers

Pop / Post Punk / Punk

What more do we need to say about the hitherto-rarely-surfaced band Albertine Sarges & The Sticky Fingers other than that their protagonist, Albertine Sarges also happens to be the enchanting lead singer of our beloved Itaca (lifehack: Super Sunday at the Volksbühne)? Well, we could add that the band seems to specialize in the sensual, the pleasurable, and the tasty. Accordingly, their first (and still only!) EP, Shrimp Favour, was released in the form of a package of instant ramen. Contrary to popular belief, The Sticky Fingers bear no relation to the Rolling Stones; rather, they refer quite simply to syrupy, fragrant hands that evidence the recent picking of fresh fruit. The Berlin conglomerate’s lyrics tell further of salmiak, apricot-colored skies, tobacco, and exotic deep-sea fishes. And they only inspire a few low-key stylistic associations (ahem) - the Talking Heads, ESG, Nina Hagen, Laurie Anderson. With The Sticky Fingers, Albertine Sarges has bid the soulful Po Valley "ciao" and, just like that, whipped up a brand new project with a brand new sound. And it only took a handful of tongue-in-cheek bedroom demos for her to wrap us around her little finger yet again. Funky, clever, groovy. (Source: Torstraßen Festival)

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25/11/18 | Berlin, DE | Monrach (w/ Alex St Joan)
13/10/18 | Berlin, DE | Internet Explorer
12/9/18 | Berlin, DE | Acud macht Neu
28/7/18 | Berlin, DE | Culture Container
15/7/18 | Bragança, PT | SpiritFest 7 at Jardim do Museu do Abade de Baçal
12/7/18 | Pataias, PT | Femme Fete at Filho Sarilho
7/7/18 | Viana do Castelo, PT | Dona Emília Casa de Hóspedes Guest House
9/6/18 | Berlin, DE | Torstraßen Festival
17/3/18 | Münster, DE | Gleiss22 (Supporting: Kat Frankie)
14/3/18 | Leipzig, DE | UT Connewitz (Supporting: Kat Frankie)
13/3/18 | Würzburg, DE | Jugendkulturhaus Cairo (Supporting: Kat Frankie)
3/2/18 | Berlin, DE | CMT 2018 at Festsaal Kreuzberg
2/2/18 | Berlin, DE | ausland
13/13/17 | Berlin, DE | Fourtrack on Stage at Schokoladenladen (w/ Otto von Bismarck)
2/12/17 | Berlin, DE | Madam Claude (w/ Martha Rose)
27/10/17 | Berlin, DE | Marie-Antoinette
9/10/17 | Berlin, DE | Kantine am Berghain (Supporting 5K HD)
1/9/17 | Berlin, DE | Neukölln Country Club at Ballhaus Berlin
4/8/17 | Friedland, DE | Jenseits von Millionen Festival 2017 at Burg Friedland

Shrimp Favour (2017)
Archive (2013)