Sie sollte gefeiert werden wie Björk oder Sia: Das neue Album der Sängerin Balbina ist ein Triumph deutscher Popmusik.
— Spiegel Online



Balbina is a singer songwriter from Berlin, who published three albums and two EPs. Hey lyrical and progressive way to write was awarded with the prestigious German Music Authors' Prize (GermanDeutscher Musikautorenpreis) in 2018.
Balbina sings about her sensitive perception of reality and tries to uncover meaningful correlations in everyday life. Her music as well as her elaborate performances, is described by Balbina as: The sensitive world of an adult, who always stayed a child at heart, and tries to reach an understanding by clear shapes, edges and colours. Regardless wether she performs with an Orchestra or at the piano, in a theater or gallery, her concerts are always very intimate, vulnerable and - because she never takes herself too seriously - accompanied with a wink

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Upcoming Shows

Past Shows (last 12 months)
21/4/18 I Potsdam, DE I Nikolaisee
17/3/18 I Jena, DE I Volksbad Jena
16/3/18 I Lüneburg, DE I Kulturforum Lünerburg e.V.
14/3/18 I Oldenburg, DE I Kulturtage
17/12/17 I Berlin, DE I Volksbühne
2/12/17 | Potsdam, DE | Waschhaus
30/11/17 | Münster, DE | Jovel Club
29/11/17 | Essen, DE | Zeche Carl
27/11/17 | Cologne, DE | Luxor
25/11/17 | Frankfurt, DE | Brotfabrik
24/11/17 | Augsburg, DE | Kantine
23/11/17 | Arau, CH | Kiff
21/11/17 | Munich, DE | Strom
20/11/17 | Heidelberg, DE | Karlstorbahnhof
19/11/17 | Stuttgart, DE | dasCann

Fragen Über Fragen 2017 (Four Music)
Über Das Grübeln 2015 (Four Music)
Nichtstun mit Band EP 2014 (Four Music)
Bina 2010 (Own Distribution)