Her atmospheric sound, slow-burning and bass-heavy, owes a debt to Bristol, Emika’s former home, and the influence of Portishead can be heard in her crystalline vocals, but it doesn’t define her. Berlin has had an effect, too, and the care with which she has programmed the sonic landscape of tracks such as “Drop the Other” speaks of an immersion in that city’s techno scene. No bad thing.
— The Guardian
Emika’s status as one of the most captivating, innovative and ambitious artists in electronic music is cemented further with the release of her new album DREI - one of two LPs the Berlin-based, Anglo-Czech talent is releasing in 2015, and her fourth in as many years. With a musical vision that’s equal parts Blondie and Kraftwerk, romance and sci-fi, her two albums with Ninja Tune ‘Emika’ and ‘DVA’ garnered widespread praise and marked her out as one of the most exciting names amidst the new generation of DIY artists.
— Inhale


Electronic / Classical / Singer/Songwriter

Producer, singer, songwriter, DJ, composer – Emika is an Anglo-Czech talent who was classically trained in her youth, later discovering the limitless world of electronic composition that would provide the yin to her formative yang. She launched Emika Records in 2014 in search of freedom and independence, an experience which inspired the imprint's third release: "DREI", a full-length album by Emika. She makes experimental electronic music rooted in the field of dubstep and trip-hop influenced by her classical musical training. Her first symphony "Melanfonie" was funded by her fans who supported the independent musician through Kickstarter.

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23/2/18 | Berlin, DE | 5 Years of STAUB
17/2/18 | Berlin, DE | Griessmuehle x Tropical Goth (w/ Peter Van Hoesen)
1/2/18 | Berlin, DE | Red Bull Music Studios Berlin
11/11/18 | Berlin, DE | Funkhaus Berlin
30/6/17 | Pecs, HU | Kodaly Center
3/6/17 | Berlin, DE | Tresor
5/5/17 | Berlin, DE | Gretchen
28/4/17 | Berlin, DE | Berghain, Panorama Bar
20/4/17 | Taipei, TW | Tiger Mountain
7/4/17 | Milano, IT | Parco Sempione
7/4/17 | Milano, IT | Red Bull Studios
24/3/17 | Berlin, DE | Griessmuehle
12/3/17 | Tulum, MX | Co.Conamor
17/2/17 | Cuauhtémoc, MX | El Real Under
5/2/17 | San Francisco, US | Vinyl Dreams
2/2/17 | New York, US | Rough Trade NYC
30/1/17 | London, UK | Rough Trade East
28/1/17 | Davos, CH | re:mix.bar
20/1/17 | Berlin, DE | Tresor
15/1/17 | Bochum, DE | urban urtyp
1/1/17 | Berlin, DE | Griessmuehle
31/12/16 | Berlin, DE | Griessmuehle
4/11/16 | Berlin, DE | Griessmuehle
29/10/16 | Poznan, PL | Projekt LAB
22/9/16 | Hamburg, DE | Board Room (Arcotel Onyx Lobby)
22/9/16 | Hamburg, DE | Alte Liebe
11/9/16 | Birmingham, UK | DJ Mag Tech Awards

Melanfonie (2017, Emika Records)
DREI (2015, Emika Records)
Klavírní (2015, Emika Records)
Dva (2013, Ninja Tune)