... a childlike fragility that makes the songs sound like whimsical folk for fairy tales with a sinister undertow. Her voice – weary but cute, with the power to cut through – is perfect; she sounds like the young narrator of her own magical-malevolent fantasies ...
— The Guardian
Bewitching acid folk with a deeply personal edge.
— Clash Magazine


Folk Noir / New Nordic Folk / Alternative

Wenøe, a Berlin-based Dane, released her debut album "Time of Ghosts" in 2015. It’s a reminder of the qualities that made, and today rarely make, the folk genre so compelling and thirst-quenching: the dreadful and the beautiful, the natural and the supernatural. With a voice that seeps into your bones, Wenøe sings of ghosts and of the longing for death, of horror and fears. Alas, we’re forced to draw grandiose connections: to Joni Mitchell, Vashti Bunyan, Linda Perhacs, Neil Young, or to the more recent majestic chorales of the Fleet Foxes. But it would be wrong to search for Wenøe’s roots primarily in psychedelic Californian strands of folk—its closest blood relative is rather the English style, which is known for its finger picking and reverb. If the author of this biography were to play a game of free association, The Wicker Man would be the first thing to come to mind. It’s a quirky horror, crime, and music film from 1973. We’d recommend watching it to get in the mood. Ida Wenøe is undoubtedly a fan. (Source: Torstraßen Festival)

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Upcoming Shows
19/3/19 | Åbyhøj, DK | Elværket Åbyhøj
19/4/19 | Cardigan, UK | Small World Theatre

Past Shows (last 12 months)
25/11/18 | Brædstrup, DK | Det Gamle Rådhus
2/11/18 | Lutterbek, DE | Lutterbeker
11/9/18 | Copenhagen, DK | Trinitatis Natkirke v. Rundetårn
27/7/18 | Frederiksvaerk, DK | Himmelstorm Festival 2018
9/6/18 | Berlin, DE | Torstraßen Festival
17/5/18 | Copenhagen, DK | VEGA (w/ Matt the Electrician)
12/5/18 | Herning, DK | Fermaten (w/ Matt the Electrician)
12/5/18 | Aarhus, DK | SPOT Festival at Bora Bora (w/ Nick Doneff)
11/5/18 | Aarhus, DK | SPOT Festival (w/ Matt the Electrician)
8/4/18 | Berlin, DE | Zukunft am Ostkreuz (w/ Megan Nash)
4/4/18 | Vienna, AT | Clash
31/3/18 | Cavriago, IT | This is Folk! Babe. at Circolo Kessel (Supporting: Ian Fisher)
30/3/18 | Livorno, IT | ex cinema aurora (Supporting: Ian Fisher)
27/3/18 | Rome, IT | Na cosetta (Supporting: Ian Fisher)
25/3/18 | Terracina, IT | Loud Bar (Supporting: Ian Fisher)
24/3/18 | Vitulazio, IT | Mr. Rolly's (Supporting: Ian Fisher)
16/3/18 | Syracuse, IT | Sikaru' Beerstro (Supporting: Ian Fisher)
15/3/18 | Rome, IT | Primaclasse (Supporting: Ian Fisher)
11/3/18 | Monteprandone, IT | Caffè del Borgo 1974 (Supporting: Ian Fisher)
23/2/18 | Hamburg, DE | About Songs & Books (Release Show)
12/2/18 | Fayetteville, US | The House of Songs Ozraks at Dickson Street Pub
15/1/18 | Cardiff, UK | The Big Top (w/ Lydia Hol, Capello Holiday)
23/11/17 | Hamburg, DE | Danish Vibes at Häkken & kukuun
16/11/17 | London, UK | The Sound Lounge (Supporting: Angel Snow)
10/11/17 | Bedford, UK | The Ent.Shed at the Gordon Arms (Supporting: Angel Snow)
2/11/17 | Hillerød, DK | Grundtvigs Højskole

Time Of Ghosts (2015)