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Jaqee is a musician expressing herself in many genres like Soul, R’n’B, Reggae, Jazz or Blues. Influences she may have gotten from her journeys. Born in Uganda her family found a new home in Sweden as political refugees, when she was 13. Years later she left Sweden for Berlin.

“For me travelling is about being exposed to different perceptions, situations, cultures and extreme emotions and conditions. This has always made me grow. How many times have I not thought that: I wouldn’t have experienced this or that, if hadn’t been here. I love that feeling!” says the Ugandan /Swedish artist who also has two Swedish Grammy nominations for her past work.

Her music is intense, but her concerts even more so. For Jaqee getting out there and meeting the crowd is a high, laughing, dancing and getting loud together. This is the best part for her when working with music – having a good time together. Newly found motherhood adds an edge to the music and lifestyle nowadays. Every song has a life punctuation of its own, making the tone very straightforward.

In her music the melodies and lyrics are closely intertwined, how she sings a word makes all the difference. Even though Jaqee loves word play, it has to be very clear. Since she has not been schooled in music, visualisation, hearing and working with the rhythm, that’s how her system works. It is all about rhythm love and life.

In spring 2019 Jaqee will be in Gothenburg Stads Theater playing Audrey2  in the musical “Little Shop Of Horrors that premiers on April 5th 2019.

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Booking + Press Contact
World I Cai Schlechter I booking@rootdown-music.com
France & French Speaking Switzerland I Fred Lachaize I fred@musicaction.fr

Upcoming Shows

Past Shows (last 12 months)
18/1/18 I Berlin, DE I Barkett 
10/3/18 I Genf, CH
16/3/18 I Montreuil, FR
17/3/18 I Guyancourt, FR 
12/6/18 I Göteborg, SE I Liseberg 
16/6/18 I Berlin, DE I Ke Na Ko Festival 
19/7/18 I Würzburg, DE I Weingut Am Stein 
27/7/18 I Malmö, SE I Sommarscen 
28/7/18 I Göteborg, SE I Pusterviik 
4/8/18 I Näsåker, SE I Urkult Festival 
11/8/18 I Stockholm, SE I Lets Make Love Great Again Festival 
12/10/18 I Gisors, FR

Blaqalixious (2005, Enjovu Sounds/Swingkids)
Nouvelle Dàmour (Enjovu Sounds)
Tribute to Billie Holiday (collabo with Bohuslänbigband)
Kokoo Girl (2009, Rootdown)
Yes I am (2013, Rootdown)
Fly High (2017, Enjovu Sounds)