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Alternative Rock / Crooked / Psych Rock / Loopfolk / Indie

Lake Felix is Berlin-based musician Kathi Kollmann, sometimes performing as a duo with Best Drums by Rudi Fischerlehner, or – to trigger your imagination – an itchy-guitar-driven, bumpy try to turn the puddle of all the wayward, ugly creatures, that one can be, to a clear watered lake of shiny little fishes. At least Lake Felix stands for sometimes more epic, sometimes more psychedelic-electronic colored psych-rock, backed by loops of sounds, beats, guitar and voice scapes and scraps.

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Booking & Press Contact
Katharina Kollmann (aka Lake Felix)

Upcoming Shows
14/4/18 | Berlin, DE | ausland (Supporting: Nunofyrbeeswax)

Past Shows (last 12 months)
8/3/18 | Berlin, DE | Kugelbahn
15/2/18 I Berlin, DE | Schokoladen
10/2/18 I Heidelberg, DE | Schmitt Helm  
8/2/18 | Bochum, DE | Bastion
1/12/17 | Berlin, DE | Flittchenbar – Die große Hippie-Vorweihnachtsgala at Südblock (w/ Imaginary French)
17/11/17 | Berlin, DE | Internet Explorer (w/ Fetal Twink and Tanno Pippi, Lo Selbo, DJ Sascha Schlegel, Flux FM)
6/10/17 | Metz, FR | La Chaouée (+ Hermelin, w/ Molde)
5/10/17  Stuttgart | 1. Stock (w/ Real War)
30/3/17 | Berlin, DE | Ä (w/ Agathe Bissap le Menace)
27/3/17 | Halle, DE | Café Ludwig
22/3/17 | Nuremberg, DE | USG6
12/2/17 | Berlin, DE | Wohnzimmer für kulturelle und kritische Zusammenkünfte (Secret Show, w/ She Owl)
08/2/17 | Berlin, DE | Ä (w/ Petula)
19/01/17 I Berlin, DE I Heimspiel Alter Roter Löwe Rein (w/ Präfgens)
19/11/16 I Kiel, DE I Prinz Willy
29/10/16 I Leipzig, DE I Handstand & Moral (w/ Molde)
28/10/16 I Halle, DE I La Bim (w/ Molde)
26/10/16 I Dresden, DE I Ostpol (w/ Molde)
01/10/16 I Berlin, DE I Orange 'Ear

Kick It To Taka Tuka Land (2017)
Spongeous (2015)
Lake Felix And The Pappkameraden (2015)
Haunted Room EP (2012)