Maike Zazie Matern creates a kind of acoustic literature with the album FRAGMENTE – never written letters: composed sound and spoken word are condensed to a single level.
— Kaltblut. Magazine

Maike Zazie

Experimental / Electroacoustic / Modern Classical

Maike Zazie is a pianist and a composer. Influenced by her passion for both music and literature, she composes and performs unconventional piano compositions. She operates at the crossroads of these two art forms, her medium being a type of sonic literature in both form and content: she composes pieces of music as she puts stories down on paper; she chooses notes as carefully as she chooses words. For Maike, sound is a language which enable storytelling. Her music is to be received as an experimental radio play or voice theatre or as a sonic essay. Only 50 cassette copies were originally distributed when “Fragmente” was first released a year and a half ago. Now “Fragmente” is revealed as one of the best hidden secrets of recent years. Fascinating, sophisticated, original and dreamy, the album is the first stage in a collaboration between Berliner Maike Zazie and 7K!, the label created as part of !K7, that is focused around avantgarde music and modern composition. In June 2018, “Fragmente” was released on CD and further digital platforms.

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Upcoming Shows
7/1/18 | Potsdam, DE | Kosmoskonzerte #14 at Rechenzentrum
17/1/18 I Groningen, NL I Eurosonic at Grand Theatre

Past Shows (last 12 months)
16/12/18 | Berlin, DE | Living Room Sessions
9/11/18 | Berlin, DE | Fincan Neukölln Berlin
10/8/18 | Berlin, DE | Digital in Berlin at Musikbrauerei Berlin

Fragmente (2018, 7K!)
"Mädchen vom anderen Stern" (Single, 2018, Bandcamp)