Früher war Sasha Perera die hyperagile, in futuristische Outfits gekleidete Sängerin des Berliner Elektronik-Trios Jahcoozi. Sie traktierte das Publikum mit Wortkaskaden im Jungle-MC-Style. Aber vor einiger Zeit hat sie sich unter dem wunderbaren Namen Perera Elsewhere neu erfunden. Mit diesem Alias produziert sie mysteriöse, aus der Zeit gefallene Musik.
Perera Elsewhere Makes Mysterious Pop Music for Realistic Escapists
— Pitchfork

Perera Elsewhere

Dance / Electronic

Perera Elsewhere is a Berlin-based, experienced yet self-taught producer, musician, songwriter and DJ. From the grit of dark club to the absorption of indigenous and extra-terrestrial sounds, Perera Elsewhere melds these inspirations into her very own semi-abstract, dystopian pop-tinged bliss, creating her own signature sound and intricately crafted backdrop for her songs. While incorporating organic elements that seamlessly co-exist with electronic elements she has carefully reserved space for her haunting yet soothing vocal passes : Eerie ambient meets psychedelic, avant R'n'B and experimental folk that addresses issues such as gated communities, over-consumption, the self-obsessive ego, the constant background noise and echo chamber of the world we live in. Her debut "Everlast" was published in 2013. In Summer 2017 her second album "All Of This" was published on the Californian label Friends of Friends. 

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Past Shows (last 12 months)
14/11/18 | Rennes, FR | Rituel 2
3/11/18 | Berlin, DE | 1. Elektro Beats Festival
5/10/18 | Budapest, HU | TOLDI
29/9/18 | Berlin, DE | RBMF pres. Bass Union at Anomalie Art Club
29/8/18 | Berlin, DE | FAM JAM – DISK Agency / CTM Festival Sommerfest at Paloma
5/8/18 | Hamburg, DE | Hallo: Festspiele 2018 at Kraftwerk Bille
20/7/18 | Prague, CZ | Werichova vila
8/6/18 | Vienna, AT | Wiener Festwochen
2/6/18 | Hanover, DE | Fuchsbau Festival Klubnacht
27/5/18 | Toronto, CN | Museum of Contemporary Art
26/5/18 | Toronto, CN | Museum of Contemporary Art
25/5/18 | Toronto, CN | Museum of Contemporary Art
11/5/18 | New York City, US | iBomba x Boiler Room Off Camera at iBomba
5/5/18 | San Francisco, CA, US | MUTEK San Francisco 2018 at Mezzanine
3/5/18 | San Francisco, CA, US | MUTEK San Francisco 2018
20/4/18 | Berlin, DE | Female:pressure 009 at Tresor.Berlin
31/3/18 | Luzern, CH | Neubad (Support: Belia Winnewisser)
2/3/18 | Berlin, DE | Lecken
17/2/18 | Tlaltizapán, MX | Carnaval de Bahidorá 2018 at Las Estacas Parque Natural
26/1/18 | Berlin, DE | CTM Festival 2018
3/11/17 | Berlin, DE | OHM Berlin

Drive (2018, EP)
All Of This (2017, FoF Music)
Everlast (2013, FoF Music)