QUOI (Queens of Inconvenience) is a trio collective, founded in the beginning of 2018, consisting of three indie-musicians from Stockholm, Berlin and Santiago de Chile. Evelin Sillén, Trinidad Doherty and Johanna Amelie play guitars, violin and bass, sing spheric, bluesy melodies and create beautiful triads. Their dreamy and thoughtful lyrics paint melancholic pictures of roadtrips, romance and the state of mind. The band has played one summer tour in Germany and recorded and released their first LIVE VIDEO EP in Berlin called "stay soft" . More shows and songs will be announced and released in 2019! 


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Upcoming Shows
21/6/19 I SE I Midsummerfest
1/9/19 I Reykjavik, IS I Melodica Festival

Past Shows
7/4/18 - Berlin, DE I Bang On Festival
25/7/18 I Leipzig, DE I Goldhopfen
26/7/18 I Gießen, DE I Alte Kupferschmiede
27/7/18 I Marburg, DE  
28/7/18 I Cologne, DE I Rooftop Show 
2/8/18 I Berlin, DE I Fujiama Night Club
9/12/18 I Berlin, DE I Kindl Stuben