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Tara Nome Doyle is a 21-year old Norwegian-Irish singer-songwriter, born and bred in Berlin-Kreuzberg. She started writing songs at the age of 11. In April and August 2018 she released her first two singles on “Martin Hossbach”, a Berlin-based avant-pop label run by music curator and supervisor Martin Hossbach. “Down with You” and “Milk and Honey” were recorded by and with members of Isolation Berlin, one of Germany’s most exciting indie rock band of recent years. The singles have so far received incredible feedback on Spotify (600.000+ plays for “Down With You” and 100.000+ plays for “Diana”). Tara’s music is both pop and soul, intertwining raw vocals with intimate lyrics and delicate tunes. Her first EP “Dandelion” was released on 9 November. It features two new songs, “Diana” and “Till Till Tara”, the latter being a Norwegian folk song. While Till Till Tara sounds like a mystical celebration of childhood memories, Diana holds a darker, personal story about self-acceptance. Right now Tara Nome Doyle is working on her debut album scheduled for spring 2019.

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Booking & Press Contact
Martin Hossbach I martin.hossbach@gmx.net

Upcoming Shows
4/4/19 I Berlin, DE I ACUD

Past Shows
12/9/18 I Berlin, DE I Schokoladen
29/6/18 I Berlin, DE I Kantine am Berghain
2/6/18 I Berlin, DE I Kantine am Berghain

Dandelon (EP, 2019 I Martin Hossbach)