Obvious reference markers are both throbbing gristle and suicide though scratch a little deeper and from out of the minimalist murmurs appears a Grace Jones/Siouxsie hybrid channeling heavily on XMal Deutschland.
— Mark Barton in The Sunday Experience
...The melodies and lyrics spill and throb like a slowly-waking volcano, as if the album’s inception had been lying secretly dormant far longer than we’ll ever know.
— Run-Riot (UK)

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Sailor - official music video

Living in Germany - official music video

Valerie Renay

Etheral Electro / Melodic Dark Pop / Visceral New Wave / Chanson Tribal Punk

The Berlin-based French-Caribbean singer keeps transgressing genre boundaries and has built, throughout her career, a fascinating link between music, performance art and fashion. Valerie Renay (one half of Noblesse Oblige) is also a painter and DJ. After initial help from producer Moses Schneider and Einstürzende Neubauten’s engineer Boris Wilsdorf Valerie keeps writing and developing her sound live, testing her new material while playing concerts internationally. Her debut solo album “Your Own Shadow”, co-produced by Alexander Paulick-Thiel (Kreidler), is a collection of empowering and ethereal songs that exude dreamy, dark electronic scents with a visceral twist. An opus full of contrasts, taking the listener through the whole spectrum of human emotions. The stage show is raw and sensual, with Valerie delivering a dramatic and emotionally charged vocal performance. Poignant stories are delivered in English and French over layers of synths, guitar, and hypnotic bass lines, bouncing off bewitching tribal beats. Brutal and soulful at once, each concert can only be described as a ritualistic experience oozing with punk attitude.

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Booking Contact
V. Renay MGMT / Bo J.Moris

Your Mom’s Agency - Nadia

Upcoming Shows
14/12/18 | Berlin, DE | Studio Я

Past Shows (last 12 months)
3/11/18 | Ipswich, UK | Spill Festival of Performance at Spill Central
27/10/18 | Berlin, DE | Studio Я
19-21/10/18 | Berlin, DE | WO!man MADe
18/10/18 | Berlin, DE | Acud macht Neu (DJ Set)
17/8/18 | Berlin, DE | Pop-Kultur Festival
13/7/18 | Santarcangelo, IT | Santarcangelo Festival
24-27/5/18 | Berlin, DE | Sophiensaele (w/ Aids Follies)

Your Own Shadow (2018, Bandcamp)
Living In Germany (Single, 2016, Bandcamp)
I’m Everywhere (Single, 2016, Bandcamp)